Going out to eat via boat to Ft. Myers Beach


Dock at Cape Coral Canal

In an earlier post I told you about how tranquil and relaxing it can be to explore the canals here in the Cape. The canals can also be a way to venture further from home. A typical day on the water for me might be spent with my friend Jim and his wife. We start out in their boat at about 9:00 or 9:30 and head for the river. Their dock is about 45 minutes from the river through the “no wake” zone (more on that later!).  Some people might look at this as an agonizing way to start a day on the water, but Jim’s family has learned to appreciate the peace and beauty of that 45 minutes. They enjoy checking out the landscapes around them, the many birds along the waterway, and might even drop a fishing line behind the boat (more on that later, too!).

After 45 minutes we hit the river and have lots of options of places to go. One of our favorites is to head for Ft. Myers Beach. Now Jim has a chance to go faster than the “no wake” zone of the canals will allow! It’s great to see so many other boaters out on the water just enjoying the beautiful weather that SWFL has to offer. There are always all kinds of vessels out there—from very small skiffs to power race boats to luxury yachts. The size of the boat doesn’t seem to affect the amount of enjoyment that the people are having. Everyone always looks like they’re having a good time!

If we plan it just right, we are able to pull up to the dock at Nervous Nellie’s Restaurant just as they are opening. Marine dockage is available and easy to access. Both inside and waterfront dining are available in this casual, family fun restaurant that offers live music. We prefer to dine outside to watch what’s happening on the waterfront! After lunch we can head back home or do some more boating in the area.

This winter we have been trying different restaurants that are accessible by boat. So far we have visited Pincher’s Crab Shack at the Marina at Edison Ford and The Waterfront Restaurant and Marina on the southern tip of Pine Island, in addition to Nervous Nellie’s. We know that there are many more to visit! It’s a true testament to how “water centered” Cape Coral is when you can get in the boat to go out to eat!

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