Burrowing Owl Festival

burrowing owl in Cape Coral, Fl.

If you’ve ever driven around the city of Cape Coral and noticed small wooded cross-like stakes driven into what seem to be random areas on lawns or vacant lots and wondered what they were all about, this weekend’s festival is for you!

Saturday, February 28th is the Annual Burrowing Owl Festival!  The burrowing owl, which makes its home in the ground, is a species of special concern in Florida and is protected. There are more burrowing owls in Cape Coral than any other place in the world and they became the city’s official bird in 2005. These very small birds build their nests underground and nest from late February through July. The Burrowing Owl Festival is a way to celebrate the beginning of the birds’ nesting season and to learn more about the owls and some of the other wildlife our area has to offer. The Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife group has been looking after these small Cape Coral residents for about 10 years and holds the festival as a way of increasing awareness of the species as well as funds for the care of the nearly 2800 documented burrows in the city.  Thousands of area residents now attend the festival each year.

If you’d like to attend, the festivities are held at Rotary Park (on the corner of Pelican and El Dorado Blvds.)  from 10-4. The festival includes informational displays about the burrowing owl as well as other wildlife in the area, conservation, and ecology. The Park is also home to a Butterfly House. In addition, there are crafts for both kids and adults, live music, and of course, food. The festival also includes bus tours to see the owls in their natural habitat around the city. If you want to see even more wildlife, there is a tour to see manatees, bald eagles, osprey, scrub jays, and other natural inhabitants of Cape Coral.

Looking for something to do this weekend? Want to learn more about those seemingly random stakes you see in the ground? Check out Cape Coral’s Burrowing Owl Festival—just one more example of all that Cape Coral has to offer!

For more information, check Cape Coral events guide

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